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Athlete development is a broad field.  PAADS wants to help tell the stories of the different people from different backgrounds who work in this unique industry.

Athlete Development Specialists aren’t cookie cutter and we want the stories we tell to be reflective of that.

We hope you enjoy our podcast series and urge you to reach out if you think someone needs to be included in the conversation.


April 2017

A Conversation with Dr. Janice Hilliard

Dr. Hilliard is an industry leader in athlete education and development. For three decades, she has demonstrated success at evaluating, designing and implementing innovative educational curriculum and life skills programming for athletes at the collegiate, Olympic and professional levels. She is passionate about empowering athletes to maximize their athletic opportunities and preparing them for life beyond sport and leadership positions in society.

A dynamic workshop presenter and motivational speaker on the topics of athlete education, life skills development and career transition, Dr. Hilliard has been a guest on Connecticut Channel 12 Our Lives Community, Maverick Sports Talk radio, Tiffin University radio, and featured in the Michigan State University and University of Houston College of Education alumni newsletters. She is a graduate of the Sports Management Institute and Professional Association of Athlete Development Specialists (PAADS) Leadership Academy.

Dr. Hilliard is a frequent guest lecturer in undergraduate and graduate sports management classes, mentor and career coach for collegiate and former professional athletes and actively involved in educational initiatives in her community. 

If you would like to contact Dr. Hilliard, please feel free to shoot an email: or call 914-843-4868.


March 2017

A Conversation with Annelie Schmittel of the Oakland Raiders

Annelie Schmittel currently works in Player Engagement for the Oakland Raiders, providing guidance, education and support for the personal and professional growth of players throughout their athletic careers.

Annelie's primary research area is crisis communication in sports. She maintains secondary research interests in the influence of social media technologies in the sports environment (sports organizations, athletes, fans, media outlets), and athlete development. We hope you enjoy her conversation with Dan Jackson, a 10 year veteran of the Australian Football League


February 2017


A Conversation with Dr. Lauren Loberg of NFL Player Engagement

The importance of developing programs designed to impact professional football players is critical work at the NFL's Player Engagement department.  Dr. Lauren Loberg is an Athlete Development Specialist with a background in applied sports psychology.  

Coming to the NFL from private practice and the US Ski and Snowboard Association, Dr. Loberg has a strong track record of driving positive athlete outcomes.  We hope you enjoy her conversation with Dan Jackson, a 10 year veteran of the Australian Football League.


December 2016


A Discussion About Athlete Development Coming Out of the Game

A conversation between former Australian Football League player Dan Jackson and recently retired National Hockey League player Jay Harrison.  Jay and Dan talk about issues related to excelling in their respective sports and what they did in order to keep their mental edge and how what they did beyond the game was critical to their long-term success.